Molenda is built into a charming little valley surrounded by deep green hills all around. It provides an excellent tracking experience through the marked tourist routs all over the countryside. Several look out towers are waiting for you to discover the hidden gems of our beautiful valley.

Visiting churches

No holiday is complete without visiting a couple of churches. Molenda is surrounded by 5 churches in 10km proximity. Regular masses are held every Sunday morning for those who are interested. Otherwise all the places are free to visit during weekdays.


Apart of our monthly changing exhibition in the main hall the valley has a very lively cultural scene. You can visit several galleries in the surrounding villages to enjoy paintings, drawings and sculptures from contemporary artists. Also, there is an art fest in August every year called the Valley of arts and beauty. It’s a month long free festival with exhibitions and plays all around the valley.

Food market

There is a farmer’s market on every Thursday morning at the crossroad of the villages near the hotel. Here you can buy fresh local produce directly from the farmers. You can also visit the villages for fresh food as the market goes into each surrounding village every other day.


The towns around the valley are like precious gems of a crown. All worth your time to visit but if you want to see the crone of the land you mast travel a bit further. In 30 minutes drive you can find the capital of the region with 800.000 inhabitants. Given the nature of the valley you can expect it to be a multicultural city with a lot to do and a lot to see. You won’t be disappointed in either way. Make sure you have your batteries charged up before you go though.